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  • How to Manage Pre-Wedding Family Drama

    A wedding is a special celebration of two lives coming together as one. It is a time to celebrate, and to look forward to many years of wedded bliss. Planning that wedding, however, can be a real nightmare when everyone is chiming in with their opinion, and when some people don’t get along with other people. If you can relate, keep reading to learn some ways you can manage pre-wedding family drama.

    Map Out Your Needs First

    Before opening yourselves up to family suggestions and requests, be sure you and your fiancé sit down to discuss what is most important to you both. What will help you maintain a level of authenticity and have a wedding that truly reflects your values and love for one another? Who is paying for what – if the person chiming in with requests isn’t paying, they don’t get an opinion (and even if they are take it with a grain of salt). Only when you have your needs and vision firmly in your mind should you open the floor to others’.

    Be Open But Firm

    Your family members love you and, for the most part, their input is to ensure your day is perfect. However, some family members can be just plain selfish and dramatic when it comes to your wedding day. Thinking about their needs before yours.

    Do not feel the need to try and accommodate everyone else’s needs and vision. You cannot please everyone and trying to do so will create resentment and potentially conflict between you and your fiancé. At the end of the day, this is YOUR big day – you have the right to set boundaries.

    Make Self-Care a Priority

    Much family drama stems from not being able to deal with the stress in the first place. Be sure to take care of yourself during this planning phase. That means eating right, getting enough sleep, avoiding overwhelm in other areas of your life, and making time for relaxing. When you feel good you are better able to deal with family drama in a calm, collaborative manner.

    Weddings should be fun. So should planning them. Be sure to have your vision in mind, keep open communication with your fiancé, set healthy boundaries with others, and make your mental and physical health a priority!


    How to Deal with Family Drama During Wedding Planning

    How to Navigate Family Drama While Wedding Planning