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    My Services

    I provide online counseling to women in Illinois. Please see my speciality areas below. 

    Specialty Areas

    Counseling for Anxiety

    When it comes to treating anxiety, research shows that therapy is usually the most effective option.

    Counseling for Adult ADHD

    Counseling for adults with ADHD symptoms can make a drastic difference in your overall well-being!

    Christian Counseling

    Faith-based counseling that can heal the mind and the soul.

    Counseling for Depression

    Are you feeling hopeless, isolated, and not your usual self?

    Therapy for Highly Sensitive People (HSP)

    If you’d like to speak to someone who truly understands what it’s like to not only live but thrive with high sensitivity, you are in the right place.

    Counseling for New Mothers (Pregnancy, Postpartum, Perinatal)

    For new moms, it can be frightening to have feelings that don’t seem “right.”

    Therapy for Relationship Issues

    Do you feel like your relationship is strained? Is there a family member that you need to set boundaries with?

    Therapy for Women’s Issues

    Women’s issues can take a serious toll on a woman’s emotional, physical, and mental health.

    Counseling for Young Professionals

    Are you a college student or young professional under a lot of stress? Are you struggling to find direction and happiness in your life?